Remembering Everyone Killed by Military Aircraft

The vintage Hawker Hunter fighter plane that crashed on to a busy roadway during an air show in Shoreham, Sussex on 22 August also performed at recent air shows in Ireland at Shannon, Bray and Foynes. Between them these were attended by up to 150,000 people.

The aircarft might just as easily have crashed on one of these shows causing many deaths including children.

US Military Landings at Baldonnel Aerodrome

Anti-war demonstration at Baldonnel in April 2006 (from

A revelation at the end of last year that didn't get any media coverage was brought to our attention again this week. It related to the US military use of the aerodrome at Baldonnel, which is happening with similar lack of oversight as they are allowed to use of Shannon. This is a further violation of Irish neutrality and probably other international laws, and its scale needs further investigation.

In December last, Seán Crowe TD, Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Trade and Defence asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade if US military aircraft had landed in Baldonnel Aerodrome between January 2001 and December 2014.

Bloody War Business Continues at Shannon Airport

Today 12th August 2015 at noon there were three US warplanes at Shannon. Two were Omni Air International chartered planes carrying up to 300 armed US troops each, which is almost a full battalion of troops. The other was a US Marine Corps Hercules C130t-30 Marine Aerial Refueller. According to the usual spiel, or guff, by our government this warplane was not on military operations, or military exercises, and was not engaged in intelligence gathering, and was not carrying any arms, weapons, munitions or war materials. What other possible explanation is there for its presence at Shannon Airport???

Of course the plane itself is a weapon of war, and of course it was carrying US soldiers who can be seen in the photo near the door of the warplane, and being a US marine warplane, it is virtually certain that it did not leave the US or its airbase wherever without having weapons on board. The Irish people are being lied to by our Government.

Peace Vigils Continue at Shannon

As the US military continue to use Shannon Airport as a virtual forward base for its global wars, Shannonwatch continues to hold regular peace vigils at the airport on the second Sunday of every month. The August peace vigil took place on Sunday 9th at 2pm; it was a small gathering this month but it was nonetheless a reminder to the authorities and the public that Shannon Airport is still complicit in war and human rights abuse.

As always the vigil was held at the small roundabout just before the airport entrance, as the Gardai who refuse to search the warplanes will not allow peaceful opposition these warplanes inside the airport.

Shannon Air Show Ignores Airport’s Involvement in War

As Shannon Airport prepares to stage an air show on July 18th to celebrate its achievements in the world of aviation, peace groups in Ireland issue a reminder that its recent history is not one to be proud of. Since 2001 the airport has been used by the US military as a gateway to wars in the Middle East. These wars have resulted in the death of innocent men, women and children, left millions of people homeless, and destroyed communities and entire countries.

"While it is fitting to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the first commercial transatlantic flight from Shannon Airport and to acknowledge its important role in aviation in Ireland, we cannot ignore the fact that in the last 15 years it has been used to illegally invade Iraq and Afghanistan and has been part of the CIA's global campaign of kidnapping and torture" said John Lannon of Shannonwatch.

"Shannon became the original airport gateway between the US and Europe and was the birthplace of Duty Free. It is now a gateway to human suffering and war." added Mr Lannon.

Irish Air Corp Planning Their Move To Shannon?

We've had more war planes at Shannon Airport during the past week. Interestingly two of them on Wednesday 1st July belonged to the Irish Air Corps - there were CASA marine patrol aircraft, which in fairness have never been involved in wars. Coincidently the previous evening 30th June in the Dail there was a debate on the Irish Defence Green Paper and proposed White Paper. There were very good contributions on Irish neutrality and US military abuse of Shannon Airport by Clare Daly TD, Mick Wallace TD and Padraig McLoughlin TD Sinn Fein. Among Clare Daly's excellent suggestions was the Irish Army Air Corps should be moved to Shannon Airport, and Baldonnel Aerodrome sold off to Michael O'Leary and Ryanair.