US Troop Carriers - Not Needed at Shannon or Anywhere Else

Sunday August 4th at Shannon Airport - two Omni Air International planes on contract to the US military.

N828AX arrived from the largest US air base in the Middle East at Al Udeid in Qatar. It refuelled and took off again at 03.23 am in the morning, heading for Buckley Air Base in Colorado. It also landed at Dallas Forth Worth in Texas. 

N477AX arrived from Dallas Fort Worth in Texas at 18.18 pm refuelled and took off again towards the Middle East.

Photograph of N828AX at Shannon in October 2018. N477AX photographed on Aug 4th 2019 (also at Shannon). Both taken by Shannonwatch

Authorities Hiding the US Military Use of Shannon While Companies Like US Alliance Promote It

Why is it that the media or state/semi state bodies conspire to hide the fact US military use of Shannon Airport?

Shannon has been providing direct support for US military operations for close to 20 years. Companies like US Alliance that provide ground handling services for the US military at Shannon promote the airport on the basis that it has

  • No slots/noise restriction
  • Runway 3,200 meter
  • US Department of Homeland security base in Shannon operating CBP clearance
  • 24/7 operations

Yes, that says no noise restrictions! The US military are being encouraged to take whatever loud, intrusive military planes they want in or out of Shannon at any time of the day or night. Just like they would at any of their military bases.

To emphasise the point, US Alliance even refer to the ground handling for the US military as Base Ops EINN on their website.

High Court Refuses to Allow Ken Mayers and Tarak Kauff to Return to the US

Vetaran fo Peace Tarak Kauff wrote the following introduction to a piece by Ken Mayers on the refusal of the High Court to allow them to return to the US while awaiting trial. Ken and Tarak are being charged as a result of their attempt to inspect a US contracted military place at Shannon Airport in March.

My "partner in (exposing) crime" Ken Mayers, wrote this excellent and  very thorough report on our current situation and the lead-up to it. As Ken says in closing, "we will continue our mission as long as we are here." Our mission when we came to this beautiful country, and what will continue even after we eventually get back to the states is opposing and exposing in every way we can, the U.S. War Machine and in this particular case, the Irish government, court system and media's abysmal complicity and betrayal of it's own people's desire for peace and neutrality - not to mention the 700-year ongoing struggle for real Irish independence, first from the British and now from the economic and bloody boot-heel of U.S. and NATO imperialism. In the mean time, we deeply appreciate all the solidarity and support and please continue your own efforts to oppose and resist what I mention above. That is the real issue. - Tarak

From Ken Mayers:

SUMMARY:  The high court has denied our appeal to have our bail conditions modified in order to allow us to return to the United States until our trial. However the judge said that we may appeal again after the trial date has been set, which we think will happen in October. 

Open Letters to US President Donald Trump and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Here are the two letters handed over for delivery to US President Donald Trump and Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar during the protests at Shannon today. We have been assured that they will be delivered.

Open letter to Mr Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Dear US President Donald Trump,

As President of the United States of America, with which the people of Ireland have very close friendship and kinship ties, you should be very welcome in Ireland. However, because of your racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic and anti-migrant views and actions, many people in Ireland reject and protest your presence here. 

As US President you have approved the use of torture, in contravention of the UN Convention Against Torture.

You and your government continue to wage unjustified wars of aggression in breach of the UN Charter.

You have allowed US forces to transit through Shannon airport in breach of international laws on neutrality.

US Military Take-Over of Shannon in Preparation for Trump's Arrival

Today (May 31st) at Shannon Airport the US military have effectively taken over the airport in preparation for the unwelcome visit by US President Trump.

At lunchtime there were four large US military aircraft, including 3 C-17 transport aircraft and one Hercules C130. These planes causes significant environmental damage as they fly across the world. Unlike civilian passenger planes that are designed for maximum power and therefore consume vast amounts of fuel.

Harassing Peace Activists while Welcoming the US Air Force

On the evening of Thursday, May 30th, as a Shannonwatch member drove toward Shannon Airport he was overtaken by a Garda patrol car that then pulled off the road near Bunratty and proceeded to follow him all the way to Shannon. As he drove into the Shannon Industrial Estate the Shannonwatch peace activist saw a large US Air Force transport aircraft at the airport, so he pulled in to take a photograph of it. He got out of his car and was getting his camera when the Garda car that had followed him stopped behind him. A Garda got out and asked for his drivers licence which the Shannonwatch member produced. He asked the Garda if it was an authorised road traffic checkpoint, and if so who had authorised it. The Garda simply said he was authorised by the Constitution to demand the driving licence!