Activists in Court for Tenth Time for Peace Action in April 2017

Today saw another appearance by Edward Horgan and Dan Dowling at Ennis District Court arising from their attempts to search and investigate two US warplanes at Shannon Airport on 18 April 2017.

That's 18 months ago.

As they were justified in their actions on that night it is likely that they will never be convicted of any offence. The Gardaí, the courts and the State prosecutors know this, so their objectives are probably to drag out the case as long as possible so as to punish the activists as much as possible.

At Least Seven US Military Contracted Planes in One Day

At least seven planes on contract to the US military were refueled at Shannon Airport today. These were:

  • N710CK Bagram to Shannon (Kalitta Air)
  • N207AX Norfolk USA to Shannon on to Middle East (Omni Air)
  • N225AX Norfolk to Shannon on to Middle East (Omni Air)
  • N342AX Norfolk to Shannon on to Middle East (Omni Air)
  • N351AX Shannon to Bangor USA(Omni Air)
  • N477AX Norfolk to Shannon on to Middle East (Omni Air) 
  • N819AX Cherry Point to Shannon on to Middle East (Omni Air)

US Military Contracted Planes at Shannon

Wednesday morning, Oct 3rd, at Shannon airport at least two aircraft on contract to the US military. One Omni Air International plane, registration N477AX parked at Gate 40 most likely carrying armed US troops. It arrived from Norfolk US Naval Station in the US, and went on to the Middle East.

More warplanes photographed at Shannon

Everything looked normal at Shannon Airport as the monthly Shannonwatch peace vigil took place outside the airport. We would have preferred to highlight the military use of the airport at the terminal building, but as usual a cordon of Gardai standing behind crowd control barriers would not let us enter the airport.

However everything was not normal for a civilian airport. During the one hour peace vigil two US military contracted planes landed. Both were operated by Omni Air International.

The first, with registration N207AX arrived at Shannon from Bardufoss Airport in north Norway, having previous been in Gdansk Poland and in Fort Worth Texas.

Tracking Two US Military Contracted Planes in and out of Shannon

Saturday August 25th at Shannon, two more aircraft on contract to the US military were refueled on their way from the USA. 

Omni Air International N477AX using US military call sign CMB556 arrived at Shannon about midday having come from Kileen Fort Hood Airbase. It took off at 16.14 pm and landed in Poland near Poznan Airport. 

Remembering Friends and War Victims at Shannon Today

At our Shannonwatch peace vigil today we displayed a beautiful banner produced by IPSC with artwork in memory of some of the Palestinian children who have been killed in Gaza. It was an appropriate banner, given all the children killed by wars facilitated by Shannon Airport.

We also held a special ceremony to remember the 12 peace activists who have passed away peacefully since we began our peace protests at Shannon in 2001.