Two Typical Days of US Military Traffic at Shannon

  • Posted on: 4 March 2020
  • By: shannonwatch

The surge of US troops through Shannon Airport continues today, and has been going on since at least last Friday. We tracked the following military contracted planes:

  • Omni Air N819AX arrived  from Robert Gray air base TX, at 12.17am, flew on to Kuwait, and then on to Riyadh Saudi Arabia, back to Kuwait and will probably return the USA via Shannon later tonight.
  • Omni air N828AX arrived from Kuwait at 7.21am and has since flown on to Fort Worth in Texas
  • Omni Air N477AX arrived from Fort Worth Texas and took off towards the Middle East at 4.55pm this evening
  • Omni Air N351AX took off at 12.52pm this afternoon and is on its way to Boeing Field in Seattle Washington state.
  • Omni Air N378AX is on its way to Shannon, due later tonight, from March Air base in California via Bangor Maine.

While most of these flight are likely to be transporting US troops, some may be transporting military cargo, or a combination of troops and military cargo. Needless to say none of them are ever searched by Gardaí at Shannon. 

Yesterday (March 3rd) there were at least 4 Omni airplanes transporting US troops and weapons through Shannon. Here's what we tracked:

  • Omni Air N828AX arrived from Robert Gray air base TX and took off for Kuwait at 12.49pm.
  • Omni air N818AX en route also from Robert Gray air base TX and due to land at Shannon about 9.38pm tonight
  • Omni air N846AX arrived from Weeler Sack air base NY just after midnight, and flew on to Kuwait before landing back at Shannon from Kuwait on its return journey to the USA.
  • Omni Air N351AX arrived from El Paso and Bangor Maine about 12.21 pm refuelled and took off for Kuwait at 3.39pm in the afternoon. 

Apart from the risks of spreading coronavirus, an average of 100 children are dying each day across the Middle East due to war related reasons over the period from 1991 to today. What we are not hearing at the moment is that in Yemen there has been an upsurge of fighting and bombing and even more children are being starved to death, due to US support for the Saudi war against Yemen, and US imposed sanctions.

But we are hearing lots about the visit of the UK royals and the no-longer royals, Harry and Megan, to Ireland.