US Military Take-Over of Shannon in Preparation for Trump's Arrival

  • Posted on: 31 May 2019
  • By: Anonymous

Today (May 31st) at Shannon Airport the US military have effectively taken over the airport in preparation for the unwelcome visit by US President Trump. At lunchtime there were four large US military aircraft, including 3 C-17 transport aircraft and one Hercules C130. These planes causes significant environmental damage as they fly across the world. Unlike civilian passenger planes that are designed for maximum power and therefore consume vast amounts of fuel.

Shannonwatch also recorded a Sikorsky VH-60H White Hawk operated by the US Marine Corp, and a US Air Force Helicopter there. There were a significant number of US soldiers visible, including a group unloading the White Hawk from one of the C-17 transporters and getting it ready for flight.

Will our Irish Government once again lie to Irish people by saying that none of these planes are armed, and that none of the people on the military aircraft are carrying weapons or ammunition? The White Hawk is the transport vehicle used for the US president, and is referred to as Marine One when doing so. Marine One always flies in a group of as many as five identical helicopters as a security measure. One helicopter carries the President, while the others serve as decoys. Upon take-off these helicopters shift in formation to obscure the location of the President.

Marine One is also equipped with standard military anti-missile countermeasures such as flares to counter heat-seeking missiles and chaff to counter radar-guided missiles, as well as AN/ALQ-144A infrared countermeasures.

Over the next few days there will most likely be dozens of such US military aircraft flying in and out of Shannon Airport. We have already seen many of these; most are arriving from the US and then flying on to Ramstein US air base in Germany after they unload their Presidential vehicles and other stuff - perhaps including his golf clubs?

Of course the US President will also be carrying that special box from which he can initiate a nuclear war if he has had a bad night's sleep. This makes him - and now Shannon Airport - a target for others, including other nuclear powers, who might decide to take a leaf from the US's book and try launching a pre-emptive strike while the US President is here. We hope, of course, that such a thing does not happen. Nonetheless, President Trump said yesterday that his visit to Shannon was convenient. It may be convenient for him perhaps, but it is not convenient for us, nor is what he does convenient for any of humanity.