US Air Force Using Shannon on their Way to Israel

  • Posted on: 13 April 2024
  • By: shannonwatch

On April 10th, a US Air Force C17 Globemaster transport aircraft number 08-8201 arrived at Shannon Airport at 22.50, coming from MacDill US Air Force Base in Tampa Florida. After refuelling it took off at 00.55am on April 11th and flew on directly to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Today, April 13th, this same aircraft has been tracked over Israel and over Lebanon.

US Marine Corps Hercules KC130T number 16-4441 also arrived at Shannon on April 11th about 18.48 coming from Naval Air Station Jacksonville via Goose Bay in Canada. It stayed overnight in Shannon and took off on April 12th at about 13.45, heading towards the Middle with its unknown cargo. It landed at Crete and today, April 13th, it flew on to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf.

This demonstrates that Shannon Airport is being used directly by the US military to actively support Israeli military aggression against Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries.

As well as having these US military planes at Shannon, Omni Air N441AX landed at Shannon about 08.50 on April 13th coming from Baltimore USA. It refuelled at took off again about 12.44 and wasl ast seen flying over Egypt and likely also going to the Persian Gulf.