Statement issued by Shannonwatch on US Military Use of Shannon Airport: 14 April 2024

  • Posted on: 14 April 2024
  • By: shannonwatch

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The following statement was read today at the entrance to Shannon Airport. A copy was handed to the Gardai who are asked to ensure weapons or other military support is not being provided via Shannon to the state of Israel in breach of international laws.

Successive Irish Governments since 1939 have continuously stated that the Irish State was and is pursuing a policy of neutrality. Up until 1955 this was an isolationist type of neutrality, but when Ireland was allowed to join the United Nations and became involved in UN peacekeeping operations, a policy of active neutrality has been pursued promoting international peace and justice. This policy is supported by the vast majority of the Irish people. As a result, the Irish government is obliged to comply with international laws on neutrality. These obligations are being seriously breached by US military use of Shannon Airport while the US has been waging wars of aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The people of Palestine have suffered ethnic cleansing, thefts of land and property, and war crimes by Israel since 1948. They have as much right to defend themselves as have the people of Israel, yet the international community has consistently failed to vindicate their rights. The hugely disproportionate response to the Hamas attacks on 7th October last, by the Israeli government and its military forces, that is being actively supported by the United States and its NATO and other allies, has resulted in very serious war crimes and should result in a finding of genocide by the International Court of Justice.

In the light of all this, calls for inspections and searches of US military aircraft at Shannon Airport, are no longer adequate. The continuing misuse of Shannon airport by aircraft associated with the US military since 7th October 2023, makes the Irish State and the Irish government complicit in the war crimes and the probable genocide by Israel against the Palestinian people, because the US has been very actively supporting Israel with weapons, munitions, and political support. The Irish Government must now take action to end US military use of Shannon airport immediate and this must be on a permanent basis. The use of all Irish airports and Irish sovereign airspace by foreign military forces engaged in belligerent military actions must also be prohibited, with the possible exception of genuine diplomatic flights.

Until such time as the use of Shannon Airport by the US military is ended, the least that the Gardai and Irish authorities should do is to ensure weapons or other military support is not being provided via Shannon to the state of Israel in breach of international laws.

Shannonwatch also calls on all workers at Shannon Airport to refuse to facilitate the transit of all aircraft associated with the US military through the airport.

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