Monthly Vigil Goes Online - Tweet Your Opposition to the US Military Use of Shannon

  • Posted on: 12 April 2020
  • By: shannonwatch

twitter-screen-social-phone-preview.jpgToday we're tweeting our opposition to the ongoing US military use of Shannon Airport. While coronavirus has brought most of Ireland to a standstill, with only the most essential of activities permitted, the US military is still allowed to take troop carriers through Shannon Airport. 

The types of imperialist wars fought by the US are never essential. They have brought havoc, destruction, poverty and displacement to millions of people. And despite all that our government is doing to protect people in Ireland from Covid-19, they are still willing to allow this to continue with our support.

So we're asking you to go online to demand an end to this. Here are some suggested tweets. Use these or your own to demand #USMilitaryOutOfShannon.

The United States have been engaged in a series of ongoing wars of aggression in countries where they have no right to be such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. And they're using Shannon Airport to wage those wars. @simoncoveney #USMilitaryOutOfShannon

For as long as the US military continues to use Shannon Airport to help them inflict suffering and destruction around the world, we will oppose it. The Gardai should do their job and search the military planes @dfatirl  #USMilitaryOutOfShannon 

It is long past time that @leovaradkar end Ireland's complicity with US war crimes through the use of Shannon Airport.  We must not continue to facilitate mass murder and destruction in so many countries #USMilitaryOutOfShannon

Through the use of Shannon Airport by the US army,  Ireland is a US military outpost. This is totally contrary to our policy of neutrality, as well as international law.  How shameful @simoncoveney #USMilitaryOutOfShannon

Around 60,000 armed US troops a year transit through Shannon Airport. This is dangerous,  immoral and breaches our neutrality. Time to stop this @leovaradkar @simoncoveney @dfatirl  #USMilitaryOutOfShannon

#Trump's 2020 war budget is $738 billion. This could provide proper health care for every American, or to dramatically reduce world poverty, or to tackle the climate crisis destroying our planet. Let's not be part of the destruction any more. #USMilitaryOutOfShannon @leovaradkar 

Every month we protest US military use of @shannonairport We remember the millions murdered by US imperialist wars with the complicity of this state @LeoVaradkar

Military planes, including troop carriers, go through daily, despite our supposed neutrality #USMilitaryOutofShannon

Let's make 2020 the year we end the US military use of Shannon Airport. That way we're doing our bit to save the planet, protect human rights and human life, and make the world a safer place. #USMilitaryOutofShannon @ShannonAirport @leovaradkar 

The majority of Irish people oppose the US using Shannon Airport for military purposes so why does the government act against our wishes?  Time to stop facilitating mass murder @leovaradkar @shannonairport #USMilitaryOutofShannon

.@leovaradkar says we're all #InThisTogether but this state facilitates mass murder & destruction abroad,  do these lives not matter? @simoncoveney @dfatirl It's time to get the #USMilitaryOutofShannon

#coronavirus shows us the importance of connectedness & solidarity, it shows we are all one human family. So let's stop helping the US military to hurt our sisters & brothers abroad by letting them use Shannon Airport #USMilitaryOutofShannon

The US military is a bigger polluter than more than 100 countries combined so why does the Irish government facilitate them to destroy the planet through the use of Shannon Airport? #Climateemergency #ClimateJustice #USMilitaryOutofShannon

The Irish state has imprisoned peace activists for trying to protect our neutrality & save lives but lets war criminals use @ShannonAirport this is wrong @leovaradkar #USMilitaryOutofShannon

We send solidarity to people suffering in wars across the Middle East, we reject Irish complicity with their persecution through the use of Shannon Airport by the US military.  Enough, no more war #USMilitaryOutofShannon

Get tweeting everyone!