At Least Four US Military Aircraft at Shannon Today

  • Posted on: 2 March 2024
  • By: shannonwatch

There were at least 4 US military aircraft at Shannon today. Two US Air Force Hercules C140H aircraft landed last Tuesday 27th February coming from Ramstein US air base in Germany. They remained at Shannon until today. Their registration numbers were 89-9106 and 92-3023. They both took off from Shannon at about 11.40am this morning and then flew to RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk where they spent a few hours before flying on north towards Iceland.

US Air Force Boeing C40C registration number 02-0201 arrived at Shannon Airport this morning about 04.43am coming from Washington US and took off again about 06.15 am and flew on Brindisi in Italy.

US Air Force Boeing C40B number 01-0015 arrived at Shannon about 16.00pm, coming from Tel Aviv Israel. It took off again about 17.50 heading west towards the USA.

It previously arrived at Shannon on 26th February coming from MacDill air force base in Florida at about 22.00pm. It took off again heading towards the Middle East and it landed in both Cyprus and Israel on 28th February. Its movements otherwise are not clear.

This type of aircraft is usually used by senior US Government officials who have been supporting Israeli genocidal attacks on Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

None of these aircraft should be allowed land and refuel at Shannon Airport or fly through Irish airspace.