Irish Protesters Issue Good Friday Gaza Peace Plea at Shannon Airport

  • Posted on: 29 March 2024
  • By: shannonwatch

A sit-in protest was held inside Ireland's Shannon Airport this morning, where activists holding signs read a statement followed by a reading of the names of children killed in the conflict in Gaza.

STATEMENT: Good Friday is not the time for good people to be silent.

All around Ireland, ordinary people like us are horrified at what is being done to the Palestinian people. We have demonstrated, lobbied, fundraised, protested, petitioned, and taken direct action in an attempt to convince those who represent us to take all the measures available to stop this genocide. This has not happened. Despite some strong rhetoric, we’ve seen little action.

Ireland and the Irish people have many links and connections with the people of Palestine; we share a history, and we share our humanity. It is unbelievable to us that as we move further generations away from the catastrophic and avoidable famine that devastated our own population that we see on our screens another people being deliberately subjected to the same catastrophe. The immeasurable harm being done is unconscionable and people of conscience should not stay silent.

Right now we are watching war crimes being inflicted on the frail bodies of starving children by a powerful high tech military which is supported and armed by the US and acting with support, preferential trade agreements, weapons sales and moral support being provided in abundance by the EU of which we are part. Despite a UN call for a ceasefire Israel continues in its attempt to wipe out a whole people, a culture, and their homeland. Israel is not doing this alone and it could not do this alone. That is why we are here in Shannon Airport today.  Ireland is continuing to allow this civilian airport be used by the US military even while it supports and enables an ongoing genocide against our Palestinian brothers and sisters. We want no part of this. We are here to call for an end to all and any forms of Irish support for the ongoing genocide. 

We are gathered to show solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters on Good Friday a day on which Irish Christians reflect on the crucifixion, the violent death of Jesus of Nazareth at the hands of the authorities. Good Friday also has resonances of hope in Ireland because of the fact that on this day a ceasefire was agreed here on our own Island. We know that ceasefire is possible. We know that it is possible even within an enduring and painful conflict that stemmed from colonialism and the denial of self-determination for the people of this island. We recognise that even now, 25 years after the Good Friday Agreement that we still have a distance to travel.

We are calling for an immediate, permanent ceasefire in Gaza, along with free access to and an international mobilisation of medical and humanitarian aid. We are calling for freedom, justice and self-determination for all the Palestinian people everywhere.

We are here because we are humans living in a time of a deliberate, calculated genocide and we do not wish to be the ones who stayed silent.


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