Tony Blair Should be Answering For Millions of Deaths, Not Selling Books in Ireland

Shannonwatch plan to use the proposed visit by former British prime minister Tony Blair to Ireland on September 3rd and 4th to express their outrage at the lack of accountability for the suffering and death he inflicted on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. A demonstration will be held in Limerick City Centre at 1pm on Thursday 2nd September to draw attention to Mr. Blair's lasting legacy which is the death of an estimated one and a half million people.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which were instigated by Mr Blair and U.S. President George W. Bush, were in contravention of the UN Charter. According to a spokesperson for Shannonwatch, who campaign against Ireland's involvement in these wars of occupation, Iraq is now on the brink of a renewed outbreak of civil war despite the withdrawal of US operational troops. This is a direct result of the US-led invasion which was brought about through Tony Blair's support. The prospects for democracy and peace for the people of Iraq are very remote.

"In addition, hundreds of thousands of Afghan people have been killed and seriously injured as a result of U.S and British occupation" said the spokesperson. "The abuse of women and children, especially girls, has worsened rather than improved under the present Afghan government which is supported by the occupation forces."

In Afghanistan, Mr Blair falsely claimed that one of the reasons for British participation in the overthrow of the Afghan government in 2001 was to stop the flow of drugs to Europe. But he must have known at the time that one of the few positive achievements by the Taliban government was the virtual elimination of drug production. The U.S. and British occupation forces collaborated with the warlords and drug barons, and this revived the production of drugs. As a result, the export of drugs from Afghanistan to Europe is now at an all-time high.

Tony Blair is scheduled to appear on RTE's Late Late Show on Friday night, and will sign copies of his autobiography at Eason's in Dublin on Saturday. Shannonwatch believe that he should be answering to a war crimes tribunal for his actions, not selling books here. His presence in Ireland on September 3rd and 4th should be used as an opportunity by the Irish people to deliver this message to him loudly and clearly.

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