Shannonwatch Protests in Support of Jailed Peace Activist Margaretta D'Arcy

The peace and human rights organisation Shannonwatch have joined with others to hold regular weekly demonstrations outside Limerick Prison until such time as jailed activist Margaretta D'Arcy is released. These will be held from 5pm to 6pm every Friday evening.

"Margaretta D'Arcy is not a war criminal. Nor is she a human rights abuser, or the commander of an invading army" said Shannonwatch spokesperson John Lannon "But she has spent many years drawing attention to the fact that these type of people pass through Shannon Airport regularly. The legally and morally correct response from the Irish police would be to investigate this complicity in wrongdoing at Shannon. Instead they imprisoned 79 year old Margaretta because she wouldn't promise to stay away from the airport".

"What we have is a situation in which a peace activist who draws too much attention to the injustices of recent US wars is locked up, while the government continues to support these wars" said Mr. Lannon. "Ireland is obligated under customary international laws on neutrality to not allow foreign troops involved in wars to transit through Irish territory. But the government refuses to stop the US military from using Shannon".

Shannonwatch unreservedly supports Margaretta, and condemns the heavy handed approach taken by the authorities who imprisoned her. "We've joined the campaign calling for her immediate release, and we will be holding protests outside Limerick Prison every Friday evening at 5pm until such time as she is released" said John Lannon.

Margaretta herself has said from prison that the ultimate objective is not just to free her, it is to free Shannon from the US Military. This is the long term aim of Shannonwatch and many of the many people who have expressed their support for Margaretta since her imprisonment.

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