Shannon Needs a Mass Confession Event for Its Complicity in War And Human Rights Abuse

The initiative of local priests to hear confessions in Shannon Town Shopping Centre on December 8th should be extended to ask for forgiveness for Shannon's 15 year complicity in war and human rights abuse, said Shannonwatch in a statement today.

The official number of US military personnel that have passed through the airport in the last decade and a half is almost 2.5 million. When the undocumented troops on US Air Force and Navy planes are taken into consideration this number is much higher. In addition, over 20 known or suspect rendition planes used the airport repeatedly without any attempt to stop or even inspect the planes.

"The injustices and crimes that have been perpetrated by torturers and war criminals who have passed through the airport is a sin of global proportions" said a Shannonwatch spokesperson. "We commend the local priests for giving people the opportunity to make their peace with God. But the town of Shannon needs to begin by making peace, not war, on earth."

"While Shannon locals are given the chance to cleanse their souls and have their sins absolved, little has been done to cleanse the airport of its role in war, injustice and human suffering. Even the Gardai Siochana who are supposed to be our guardians of the peace turn a blind eye."

Shannonwatch are asking local priests in Shannon and Co. Clare to do their bit to bring peace to the world by calling for an end to the US military use of Shannon Airport. "In keeping with peaceful message of Christmas, it is time for them to speak out about the pain and suffering caused by war, and to ask their congregations to stop fuelling the flames of war in the Middle East. And that means no longer fuelling or servicing the military planes at the airport."

"One of the ten commandments says very clearly that thou shall not kill. Being complicit in helping others to kill is breaking this commandment".

"The Mercy on the Mall that was organised at Shannon Shopping Centre today needs to be extended to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and everywhere else that has been ravaged by the wars that Shannon Airport has been part of." said the Shannonwatch spokesperson. "For as long as the US military continue to use Shannon Airport the Church cannot say Shannon is behaving in a way that is in keeping with the Christian message of peace."

Shannonwatch will hold a peace vigil on December 13th on the way into the airport. Members of the public are welcome to join in this peaceful endeavour to bring peace back to Shannon.


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