Public Meeting on Peace and Neutrality in Tralee on March 4th

The peace and human rights group Shannonwatch will hold a public meeting at the Meadowlands Hotel, Tralee this Saturday 4th March at 2pm. It will look at Irelands's support for US wars of invasion and occupation by allowing armed US troops to pass through Shannon Airport on their way to Iraq and elsewhere despite claims that we are a neutral country. Speakers will include Edward Horgan and John Lannon of Shannonwatch, and Hashim Alhadeedy who is one of the many people who has had to flee from the war in Iraq. It is an open meeting, and everone is welcome to attend.

The people of the Middle East, especially children, need the help of the Irish people to stop wars and make peace. We, the people of Ireland need to restore Irish neutrality and get US military out of Shannon airport.

Since 1991, up to one million children have died in the Middle East, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Palestine, directly and indirectly due to wars initiated or supported by the United States and NATO. We in Ireland are complicit in these wars and deaths because our Irish Government allows and approves the refuelling at Shannon Airport of US military aircraft and civilian aircraft chartered to the US military that have transported up to three million armed US troops through Shannon, and large quantities of war materials. It has also allowed CIA rendition planes to land at the airport as part of their illegal campaign of kidnapping and torture.

The refugee crisis resulting from the wars supported by Ireland has cost the lives of thousands of people fleeing across the Mediterranean. Those who survive these treacherous journeys are facing additional hardships as European countries who waged or supported these wars are refusing to live up to their humanitarian obligations.

Tralee is a long way from Mosul or Aleppo, but it is a short distance from Shannon Airport. And  Shannon is only five hours flying time away from the Middle East.

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