New Red C Poll Shows that Irish People Want Neutrality

Over three quarters of Irish people believe Ireland should have a policy of neutrality according to a new Red C poll commissioned by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA). The poll also shows that roughly 8 out of 10 people believe Ireland should not support military intervention in Syria without a UN mandate.

According to Shannonwatch spokesperson John Lannon these findings seriously undermine government policy. "The government has got to realise now that allowing the U.S. military to use Shannon Airport is unacceptable. It was never sanctioned by the Irish people, and clearly it is something that people don't want.

"The poll shows a lack of support for U.S. militarised foreign policy across all age groups, but particularly amongst 18 to 34 year olds." said Mr. Lannon.

"Governments have a duty to heed public opinion. And we see from this poll that public opinion is telling the Irish government not to have any part in a U.S. attack on Syria."

In responding to the poll, Roger Cole, chairperson of PANA said "A mere one in eight people (13%) favoured intervention without a UN mandate, and a little over one in five (22%) supported arming anti-Assad forces".

Mr Cole went on to say that "this Syrian conflict has displaced millions with the UN describing it as the worst humanitarian crisis in nearly twenty years.  Meanwhile the majority Sunni community, who have no love for Assad, are just as concerned for the wider agenda of the foreign jihadists sponsored by the US, Qatar and Saudi Arabia".

The poll findings are based on responses from 1,003 people aged 18 or over, They reveal a sizable increase in support for Irish neutrality, and this is something that is welcomed by both Shannonwatch and PANA.

Link to Detailed Survey Results

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