March Figures Show that its War as Usual at Shannon

The March 2009 figures for US military use of Shannon Airport show that the Irish state continues to provide large-scale support for the failed and brutalising occupation of Iraq. Over the course of the month at least 98 commercial airlines used for US troop transport landed at the airport. Most of these were Omni Air International registered planes but they also included a small number of North American Airlines on US military business.

Shannonwatch logs show that Kalitta Air and Evergreen International planes also landed at our "civilian" airport during March. Both of these carriers regularly do business for the US military cargo; Evergreen, which is based in Oregon in the US, has been airlifting supplies to fuel wars in the Gulf area since the early 1990's and Kalitta is known to assist the US Air Mobility Command (part of the US Air Force) to ship munitions for operations around the world.

In addition to the US civilian aircraft on military airlift duty, there was an unusually high number of Air Force and Navy planes at Shannon during March. Between March 20th and 26th alone, there were visits from 8 Hercules C-130 aircraft registered to the US Air Force or Navy. Some of the Air Force aircraft are based at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado; another was from Rhode Island Air National Guard. The navy ones used the new "Convoy" callsign which is being used by various navy air transport aircraft since the end of 2008.

Finally Shannonwatch have also noted that a large number of US military aircraft flew through Irish airspace in March. A total of 354 aircraft were picked up as either landing or over-flying during the month; this was the highest number recorded since detailed logging began last August.

Full details of monthly landings and overflights by the US military are available in our flight reports page.

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