Lack of Progress on Suspect Rendition Flights Through Shannon - Yet Another Irish Government Failure

Shannonwatch supports Amnesty International's call on the Irish Government to tighten up legislation around Irish airspace so that foreign civilian aircraft that might be engaged in renditions, and have detailed passenger information, could be identified.

A recent Amnesty report Europe: Open secret: Mounting evidence of Europe's complicity in rendition and secret detention shows that EU member states made the US network of secret prisons and kidnappings possible. They allowed people to be transferred through their territory, took part in illegal detentions and kidnapping or, as in Ireland’s case, they allowed their territory to be used as a staging area for rendition operations.

Last December Shannonwatch reported that five planes previously connected to renditions had used Shannon Airport since March 2009. As Amnesty have pointed out, there is a widespread belief that President Obama ended the practice of renditions but this is not the case. The CIA is still permitted to carry out rendition operations, and may well be using Shannon still to do so.

Meanwhile today's Irish Examiner reports that a special cabinet committee on international human rights set up in 2008 to review the law around searching suspected rendition flights and, if necessary, bringing forward legislation to change it has failed to deliver. The committee, of which Minister Brian Lenihan is chairman, has met just three times in more than two years, it seems, and there is no sign of any progress.

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