Did Israeli bombs passing through Shannon Airport?

Kalitta Air is an airline known to have connections to covert intelligence and military operations (see Amnesty International report, USA: Below the radar: Secret flights to torture and disappearance). Their planes pass through Irish airspace with alarming regularity - there were over 220 of heir flights between the start of September and the end of December 2008. On Dec 20th and again on Dec 22nd one of their planes, N703CK, landed at Shannon Airport.

Kalitta Air operates "international scheduled and ad-hoc cargo charter services". In 2006 it transported laser-guided bombs through Prestwick for the Israeli bombing of Lebanon - they described them as "bunker-busters" to destroy Hizbollah hide-outs. According to a UK Airport News report in November 2006:

"It was suggested that Michigan-based Kalitta Air, which regularly works for the Department of Defence Air Mobility Command, an arm of the US Air Force, broke international law because it did not have the appropriate clearance. According to papers released under the Freedom of Information Act, Prestwick Airport's freight-handling department was told only verbally about the dangerous cargo, when the operator should have had special written permission to "carry munitions of war in UK airspace" (see http://uk-airport-news.info/prestwick-airport-news-281106.htm)

Did Kalitta Air transport some of the bombs that are being used to indiscriminately kill and maim Palestinian people through Shannon Airport in December? And if so, was clearance requested or given to do so?

Other well-known carrier of war munitions, including Atlas Air Inc and Evergreen International Airlines Inc, are also overflying Ireland very regularly. These are also likely to be transporting death and destruction to Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Anyone with further information on the Kalitta Air

flights that landed at Shannon - or on any covert munitions cargos passing through the airport - should contact shannonwatch (at) gmail (dot) com .

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