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Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport Website

Aircraft & Flight Tracking - Aircraft Registration Lookup - Live Flight Tracking - Real-time visual flight tracking over Europe. Based on amateur electronic spotting so doesn't cover all flights and no historical data - Similar to the above - Collates information from electronic plane-spotting (can be quite hit and miss regarding data but it might be useful. - Site for logging military flight data

Amateur  plane-spotting sites, mostly in the UK. These are usually based near an airport and will often give details of all planes picked up, including those that just fly over and don't land:

Peace, Anti-War, Human Rights Related - Ireland

Peace and Neutrality Alliance

Irish Anti-War Movement

Amnesty International Ireland


Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign

The People's Movement

International Organisations / Networks / Groups

North Carolina Stop Torture Now

World Without Wars

Witness against Torture

World Peace Council

Stop the War Coalition (UK)

Media / Commentary

Democracy Now

Juan Cole blog

Survive the Jive Alive

Other Reference

The Housmans Peace Resource Project

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