Following the Pack Regardless of the Consequences

Listing to instructions - Eamon Gilmore pays close attention to what US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton says

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore has once again demonstrated his willingness to support US and Israeli policy regardless of the consequences. In answers to parliamentary questions last week he justified sanctions against Iran because of concerns about the "military dimensions" of its nuclear programme. At the same time he said he did not support sanctions against Israel. Both countries have appalling human rights records but only one (Israel) is believed to have operational nuclear weapons. Israel is also guilty of war crimes and has repeatedly violated international law.

NO to Sanctions or War with Iran

Shannonwatch supports a statement from PANA which was released on 2 February 2011 calling for peace talks with Iran rather than sanctions and war.

In the PANA statement, Roger Cole notes how the entire corporate media seem intent on supporting a war on Iran, just as they did in the case of Iraq. Like the "weapons of mass destruction" lie that were used in part to justify sanctions against Iraq, the "Iran will have nuclear weapons" threat is now being used to justify sanctions on Iran. And like the sanctions on Iraq, these are very likely to lead to widespread suffering and war.

The PANA statement goes on to recommend that the article by Ray McGovern which is reproduced below should be read by all the media that now support the crazy decision by Eamonn Gilmore to support an oil embargo on Iran. Not only is there no justification for the embargo but it will inevitably lead to increased petrol costs that the Irish domestic economy needs like a hole in the head.

Israeli Aircraft at Shannon

Airports all over the world continue to facilitate travel to and from Israel despite the country's ongoing systematic abuse of the Palestinian people and its refusal to uphold international humanitarian and human rights law. Unfortunately Shannon is no exception, as this photograph of an Arkia plane being towed to its stand on Friday 27th January shows.

Arkia is an Israeli airline that performs international charter flights as well as operating domestic flights. The plane spotted at Shannon was a B757, registration 4X-BAU. As it arrived at its stand, an airport police vehicle took up a position close to the aircraft - perhaps under instruction to protect the aircraft or the passengers on board.

Minister Leo Varadkar Expresses Support for US War Activities at Shannon

Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar confirmed that his government wants to continue the use of Shannon Airport in US wars, and is even implementing new measures to facilitate failed and destructive American foreign policy. Speaking at a Chamber of Commerce business breakfast in Limerick on "Securing the Future of Shannon Airport", he responded to a question from Shannonwatch and PANA by confirming that quarter of a million troops a year come through the airport. He said America are our friends and that he wants to see the relationship continue. He even announced the opening of a new military pre-clearance facility at the airport.

Withdraw Irish Soldiers from Afghanistan before it’s too Late

Irish soldiers serving with NATO/ISAF forces in Afghanistan are increasingly in danger of being killed by Afghan soldiers, who are supposedly their allies. France is suspending its military operations in Afghanistan and may even withdraw from the NATO-led force after an Afghan soldier shot dead four French soldiers on 20 January 2012. Last December two French foreign legionnaires and one American were killed in similar shootings by Afghan soldiers. In 2009 an Afghan police officer shot and killed five British soldiers in Helmand.

It has subsequently emerged that the Afghan soldier responsible for the January 20 shooting was angry about a video that seemed to show US marines desecrating the bodies of Taliban insurgents.

Eamon Gilmore Misleads the Dail and the Irish People

The Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade Eamon Gilmore made a number of misleading statements to the Dail today (23 January 2012) in response to questions by Mick Wallace TD. We would like to correct these statements.

Mr Gilmore stated: "There are no plans to change the arrangements for the overflight and landing of US military aircraft, which have been continuously in place under successive Governments for over 50 years."

This is incorrect. US military aircraft were allowed to refuel at Shannon over the past 50 years, but only if they were strictly unarmed, not carrying any munitions, not engaged in any war or even engaged in military training exercises. This was clearly established in Horgan v Ireland in the High Court on 28 April 2003.