What were the RAF Doing at Shannon Airport Today?

Today at Shannon Airport another NATO warplane sat on the tarmac. This time is a British RAF Hercules C130J C5, registration ZH882. The aircraft left RAF Brize Norton base after mid-day yesterday.

Brize Norton is the largest station of the Royal Air Force and home to Air Transport, Air-to-Air refuelling and Military Parachuting,

Like the US military, the RAF are also waging a war of aggression in Syria, contrary to the UN Charter. On that basis this aircraft should not be at an Irish airport, unless it made an emergency landing. Even then, having landed, the plane and its crew should be arrested and held until the end of the hostilities that the UK are involved in.

When Shannonwatch photographed the plane at Shannon today there seemed to be some work in progress on one of the right side engines. One of our members contacted the Gardaí at Shannon and requested that they investigate this aircraft. As far as we know, this was not done.

The RAF has a total of 25 C-130J C4/C5 aircraft. Their main role is Tactical Air Transport (TacAT) but they can also be used in an Air Transport (AT) role. They offer similar range and payload to the C-130K, and operate either strategically from a Main Operating Base like Brize Norton, or tactically from a Deployed Operating Base.

According to the RAF website, their C-130J's are used for operational missions involving parachute ops and air despatch.

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