What Kenny Won't but Should Say to Trump on St Patrick's Day

Enda Kenny handed over our neutrality and Shannon Airport to Obama. Time to take them back when he meets Trump.

On Friday, St Patrick's Day, Taoiseach Enda Kenny will pay homage to the man he called racist last year, Donald Trump.

When they meet there will be no mention of our neutrality, or the millions of mwn, women and children we have helped Trump's predecessors to kill in the Middle East.

No mention of the continued use of Shannon to kill and main.

No mention of the recent revelation that the US used depleted uranium in Syria in 2015.

Or the expected $60bn Trump will spend on military interference in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries in the next year. Trump is increasing the military budget as a whole to close to $1trillion.

There will be no mention of Trump's determination to ramp up the nuclear arms race.

No mention of Nawar at Awlaki or the other children killed by a US Navy Seals raid on a village in Yemen last month. Or of Ahmed and Mohammed al-Khobze, two boys of 15 who were killed in a US drone strike in Yemen last week.

Or of how Ireland may have been complicit in those killings. The Navy Seals may well have come through Shannon on one of the US Navy planes photographed by Shannonwatch there a few days later.

Mar 20th, just three days after Kenny meets Trump, is the 14th anniversary of the illegal US invasion of Iraq in 2003. As a result of that, the country is now more violent and unstable than it was under Saddam, who himself was a brutal dictator. Nobody is safe in Iraq now, because the US made it unsafe. The US created the conditions for ISIS to flourish, and Shannon was used to do that.

We need to keep the pressure on Kenny and his government to stop supporting militarization and war and torture. Trump's regime may bring back even worse levels of torture than what the CIA was doing a decade ago. And if or when that happens, Shannon will once again be used by the torturers. Unless we do something now, that is.

We do not need our leader going to the White House to legitimise the killing, torture, racism and hate that Trump is promoting.

We need Enda Kenny to state clearly that he will not support or condone this. And we need him to end all US military and CIA use of Shannon Airport. Now.

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