Warplanes at Shannon - Business as Usual?

There were no fewer than three OMNI Air International troop carrying warplanes at Shannon on 30 December 2011, all under heavy guard by a combination of Shannon Airport security personnel, Gardai and the Irish Defence Forces.

Two DC 10 troop carrier warplanes at Shannon 30 Dec 2011


Amember of Shannonwatch visited Shannon airport at about 2.30 pm today (30th December) to check on the transit of US military forces through this supposedly neutral airport in a supposedly neutral state. There were two OMNI Air DC 10 troop carriers parked towards the middle of the airfield. There was a Garda patrolling on foot just under the aircraft, and an Irish Defence Forces armed patrol in a military vehicle about 100 meters from the aircraft. Up at the terminal building a third OMNI Air Troop carrier, this one a Boeing 757, also had a Garda patrolling under the aircraft. In addition an Airport Security patrol vehicle AP 12, was patrolling close to this warplane.

Perhaps they were part of a special investigating team, investigating whether any of the soldiers being transported on these aircraft had participated in some of the many war crimes committed by US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Then again, probably not. Most likely these security forces represented the Irish taxpayers contribution to the US wars against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Garda guarding two warplanes at Shannon 30 Dec 2011


Irish Defence Forces guarding US warplanes at Shannon 30 Dec 2011


Garda guarding US warplane at Shannon terminal building 30 Dec 2011
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