US Warship that fired Tomahawk Cruise missiles at Baghdad on 20 March 2003 is now in Cobh

A US warship the USS Donald Cook has arrived in Cobh harbour today Tuesday 21st March. It is likely that it will be refuelled while in Cobh, but It is no more welcome in an Irish port, than the US war planes that are being refuelled at Shannon airport on a daily basis.

The USS Donald Cook is a destroyer, equipped with the following weapons (and probably much more besides).

"DONALD COOK's vertical launching system can launch long-range surface-to-surface Tomahawk cruise missiles, surface-to-air Standard missile variants, and anti-ballistic missile Standard missile variants. The 5-inch gun mount, 20-mm Phalanx mounts, and hull mounted crew-served weapons can engage surface, air, and land targets with precision."

"March 20, 2003, USS Donald Cook launched first Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs), in the early morning hours, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom".

These Tomahawk missiles can be fitted with nuclear weapons, so when it visits Cobh, we won't know if it has nuclear weapons on board or not, because of course it will not be searched by our security forces. This visit is a breach of Irish neutrality because the US is at war in several countries in the Middle East, and Destroyers such as the USS Donald Cook have been used in the past to literally destroy people and property by launching Tomahawk Cruise missiles at cities such as Baghdad.

Protests will be held at the presence of this warship in order to demonstrate that some Irish people at least wish to protect Irish neutrality and end Irish Government complicity with US war crimes in the Middle East.


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