US Military Veterans Walk through Ireland to Promote Peace

US Veterans For Peace members Tarak Kauff and Kenneth Mayers who are being held in Ireland by the Irish judicial system and the Irish State will be undertaking a very significant campaigning event starting on Saturday September 7th. This is a Walk for Freedom throughout Ireland.

The title they are giving to the walk is Boots on the Ground For Freedom

September stage of the walk will take them through the West of Ireland, from Limerick to Malin Head. It will be extended to other regions of Ireland if they fail to get their bail conditions amended to allow them return to home to the USA pending their trial which could be up to two years from now.

Ken and Tarak were arrested at Shannon airport on St Patrick's day last while attempting to search and investigate an aircraft on contract to the US military and carrying armed soldiers to war zones in the Middle East.

As the leaflet explaining the walk says, Ken and Tarak will begin their walk for freedom - freedom to return home to their families, freedom from war, and freedom to respect and affirm a strong and peaceful Irish neutrality - in Limerick. There will be five separate legs to Stage One of the walk. These are:

1. Sept 7th to 10th -  Limerick to Ennis 
2. Sept 12th to 16th - Ennis to Galway 
3. Sept 19th to 20th - Manorhanilton to Sligo 
4. Sept 21st to 23rd - Letterkenny to Bridgend 
5. Sept 25th to 27th - Buncrana to Malin Head 

The walk will start at Limerick Prison at 10am on Sept 7th. Everyone is welcome to come along to wish them well on their walk for freedom.

On Sept 18th Ken and Tarak will give a public talk in Manorhamilton. Anyone wishing to organise other events along the way can contact Shannonwatch to organise it.

Volunteers are also needed to assist Ken and Tarak on each leg, including drivers with a car or van to provide back up support, volunteers to provide overnight accommodation where needed on each leg, and of course volunteers to accompany Ken and Tarak at various points along the way.

Help with publicising their efforts would also be appreciated, for example by arranging contact with local media.

If you cannot assist directly yourself, then you may be able to suggest others who may be willing to put their shoulder to the wheel, or their boots to the ground. 

Tarak and Ken are campaigning to protect human rights, peace and the environment, three critical areas that have never been under such threats as they are now. Let it not be said that they walked alone throughout Ireland.

Click here for Boots on the Ground for Freedom Leaflet

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