US Military Transport Aircraft Flew Shannon to Israel and Back

On October 30th a US military C-17A Globemaster III transport aircraft, registration 09-9212, passed through Shannon Airport on its way to Israel from the US.  It was travelling from Washington DC.

Five days later, on November 4th, it flew back from Tel Aviv in Israel. Once again it landed at Shannon before proceeding on to the US.

The aircraft is operated by the US Air Force's 437th Airlift Wing which is assigned to 18th Air Force, Air Mobility Command. They are based at Charleston Air Force Base, in South Carolina. It is capable of carrying a huge amount of military materials including bombs, armoured vehicles, drones, and helicopters. 

Given the war crimes being committed by the Israeli military and government against Palestinians, why is the Irish Government allowing Shannon to be used by a military transport aircraft flying to Tel Aviv? It was almost certainly not empty, and it is therefore highly likely that Ireland and Shannon are complicit in Israeli war crimes.

Since the aircraft landed twice at Shannon it was evidently not an emergency landing. This was a scheduled stop by a military supply plane on its way to Israel from the US.

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