US Military Flights Numbers at Shannon Down Slightly in October

The number of US military flights through Shannon was down slightly in October compared to previous months. Shannonwatch recorded a total of 47 commercial airlines carrying US troops at the airport in the month, compared to 75 in September and 74 in August. However the number of US Air Force/Navy aircraft was up slightly from 24 in August and 27 in September to 36 in October.

During the month of October no fewer than nine US Hercules C-130's landed at Shannon. These included a Lockheed C-130T Hercules reg 165378 on Oct 5th, another C-130T reg 164996 on Oct 10th and again on Oct 27th (see photograph), and a KC-130J Hercules reg 166511 on Oct 25th/26th.

The C-130J "Super Hercules is the newest version of the Hercules aircraft. Like the C-130T it is used as a tactical airlifter of passengers or cargo.

Omni Air international continued to transport armed US troops through Shannon throughout October on what are classified as civilian flights. A total of 229,000 troops passed through Shannon in 2010. Based on flight recordings to date in 2011 there is no reason to expect that the total numbers for the year will be down to any great extent.

Summaries of US military landings at Shannon for each month of 2011 can be found here.

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