US Military Contracted Planes at Shannon

Wednesday morning, Oct 3rd, at Shannon airport at least two aircraft on contract to the US military. One Omni Air International plane, registration N477AX parked at Gate 40 most likely carrying armed US troops. It arrived from Norfolk US Naval Station in the US, and went on to the Middle East.

The second one was also an Omni Air Intternational aircraft, registration N828AX. It was parked in the Cargo area, posibly carrying military cargo. It arrived from Kuwait early in the morning having also passed through Shannon on Tuesday going there. 

The UPS plane below may well be on a normal civilian type flight, but these UPS planes also do frequent flights on contract the US military. Shannonwatchhave tracked them on several occasions on contract to the US war machine, delivering to US and French airbases like Camp Lemonier in Djibouti, just across the Red Sea from Yemen. The US uses this Djibouti base to carry out frequent drone strikes and special forces attacks in Yemen.

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