US Military Aerial Refuelling Tankers at Shannon

                A KC-135R refuels an F-15 Eagle (from Wikipedia)

For those of you interested in the two US Air Force aircraft photographed at Shannon on August 5th, here is some more information. They were Boeing KC135R Stratotankers, registrations 62-3500 and 63-7992. The aircraft are operated by the Wisconsin and Ohio Air National Guard respectively.

The KC135R’s are 50-year old aircraft, used to refuel fighter jets in mid-air. As such they not only show the close links Shannon airport has to actual combat fighting; they also highlight the type of safety risks that are being taken at a civilian airport which is not designed for military traffic.

Both aircraft departed the airport on August 6th. Another similar refuelling tanker, with registration 59-1478, from the Mississippi Air National Guard also flew in to the airport on the 6th of August, departing the 7th.

A number of photographs of the aircraft are available at the following links:

The photographer is not associated with Shannonwatch.

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