Three Warplanes at Shannon

There were at least three US warplanes at Shannon Airport today, possibly carrying up to 1,000 armed US troops through Ireland. These planes with weapons and soldiers on board, sat alongside normal civilian aircraft at the terminal building.

Omni Air N351AX set out from Misawa Air Force base in Japan, refueled in Seattle USA and then on to Shannon Airport. It took off early this morning from Shannon on the way to Kuwait.

Omni Air N207AX arrived at Shannon from Pristina in Kosovo where the US has one of its largest military bases in Europe. It refueled at Shannon and left, heading across the Atlantic to Fayetteville North Carolina. 

Omni Air N828AX arrived at Shannon from Clarksville in the USA and was recorded en route across Europe towards the Middle East.

Shannon Airport is refuelling war. Its time for workers there to stop servicing these planes and serving their occupants.

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