Shannonwatch Supports Freedom Waves

Shannonwatch congratulates the 27 people who sailed on board the Freedom Waves boats in an attempt to break the unjustified and illegal blockade of Gaza. They have bravely represented civil society all across the globe, as they draw attention to the inhuman treatment of the Palestinian people by the Israeli state. 

In particular our thoughts and good wishes are with our friend and supporter Zoe Lawlor from Limerick who was on board one of the boats, the MV Saoirse.

The Irish citizens who were on board the MV Saoirse as well counterparts on the Canadian ship, the Tahrir, are currently in custody in Israel, charged with entering the country illegally. In fact they were kidnapped in international waters by the Israeli authorities, and brought against their will to the country. Their destination was Gaza and they had at no time even entered Israeli waters.

As Fintan Lane, National Coordinator of the Irish Ship to Gaza campaign, noted in a statement a few days ago, the boats had every legal right to proceed to Gaza unimpeded. Referring to the Palmer Report which Israeli government spokespeople are now citing as legal support for the blockade, he noted that “the report itself acknowledges that it was ‘not asked to make determinations of the legal issues’ associated with the blockade. It is a political report by and for politicians, and its legal speculations have been comprehensively repudiated, most recently by a group of five United Nations Special Rapporteurs for human rights, who on September 13th declared that ‘the blockade of Gaza continues to violate international law’”.

Israel’s policy on Gaza is a form of collective punishment. The illegality of the blockade has been re-affirmed by numerous international law experts and a wide range of human rights organisations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Shannonwatch continues to call on workers at Shannon Airport to support the campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel by refusing to service any Israeli aircraft that land at the airport.

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