Shannonwatch Member Granted Visa to Attend US Conference

Shannonwatch member Edward Horgan will speak at a conference on rendition and torture in Duke University in North Carolina this week. In January of this year the U.S. revoked the ten year visa which he had been granted in 2009, but at the last minute he was granted a 3 month visa and will be attending the conference.

According to Robin Kirk, executive director of the Duke Human Rights Center which is co-sponsoring the conference, the organisers are hoping to open a new state-level effort that will support national and international efforts to make human rights abusers accountable. “Although President Obama has formally put an end to torture, the extraordinary rendition program continues, with little oversight and no public accountability. It is vitally important that the citizens of the state know what is done with their tax dollars and take action to insure that we no longer support activities that lead to torture.”

Shannonwatch have had close links with another of the conference co-sponsors, North Carolina Stop Torture Now (NCSTN) for many years. Shannonwatch and NCSTN, which represents the largest grassroots organization of Americans who oppose torture, have cooperated to try to stop rendition flights on a number of occasions. In November 2008 for example, NCSTN planespotters photographed the rendition-linked aircraft N478GS at Fayetteville Regional Airport in North Carolina. The plane arrived at Shannon the next day and two activists, alerted by NCSTN, requested the Gardai to search the plane. Instead they arrested the activists at Shannon Airport as the plane arrived.

Shannonwatch is pleased to be able to provide direct input to the Duke conference, and to help strengthen international efforts to restore respect for human rights. 


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