Shannonwatch Condemns Russian Involvement in Killing of Civilians

A Dutch-led investigation has concluded that a Buk SA-11 surface-to-air missile system was used to shoot down a Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine two years ago, killing all 298 on board. It was transported from Russia at the request of Russian-backed separatists and returned to Russia the same night.

Shannonwatch condemns all such reckless attacks on civilians in war zones.

There is no justification for the type of action that resulted in such unnecessary loss of life. It is unacceptable, even the laws of war emphasise military necessity (an attack or action must be intended to help in the defeat of the enemy), distinction (belligerents must distinguish between combatants and civilians) and proportionality (belligerents must make sure that the harm caused to civilians is not excessive in relation to the military advantage expected by an attack.

The investigation into the shooting down of the Malaysian Airline plane largely confirmed the Russian government's role not only in the deployment of the missile system but also in the subsequent cover-up. 

Shannonwatch is also critical of the deliberate or reckless bombing of areas that contain civilians in Syria and in other areas of the Middle East. It is particularly inappropriate and shameful that four of the UN Security Council Permanent Members, the United States, Russia, Britain and France been involved in acts of military aggression, in contravention of the United Nations Charter, that have resulted in the killing and seriously injuring hundreds and possibly  thousands of civilians in Syria. 

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