Send Letters of Support to Bradley Manning

In early July, the U.S. Army announced that they had charged Pfc. Bradley Manning  with violations including "espionage" for allegedly giving classified data to Wikileaks. Bradley who had been a specialist-class intelligence analyst in the U.S. Army is currently being held at the USMC brig at Quantico, Virgina. He was detained by the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) in May 2010 and held for several weeks without charges in Kuwait. Bradley now faces over 50 years in prison. He has been allowed only limited contact with his family and friends, filtered through his military-appointed lawyers.

Send a letter or postcard to Bradley today, thanking him for his whistleblowing of Iraq war crimes. 

Bradley Manning, c/o Courage to Resist, 484 Lake Park Ave #41, Oakland CA 94610 USA

Tips for sending cards to Bradley: Bradley may only get to see the outside of the envelope the first time you send him a letter. Courage to Resist recommend that you consider sending a postcard so he gets to see the picture. You may have to send several letters before one gets through. To facilitate this, consider making three copies of your first letter- then send it 3 times, one time per week for 3 weeks. With luck, the third letter will get through! Above all, don’t get discouraged if the letters are returned to you. Bradley Manning needs your unwavering support.

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