Questions over Ireland Involvement in Saudi Bombing of Yemen

A report two days ago from The Intercept ("Photos Show Fragments of U.S. Bombs at Site of Yemen Funeral Massacre) indicates that the bombs used to kill 140 funeral goers were MK-82 500 pound bombs manufactured and supplied by the US, and made by Raytheon. Given the larger number of US military Hercules C-130 and Clipper C40 transport aircraft that have been transitting through Shannon Airport there is a likelihood that some of the munitions being supplied to Saudi Arabia by the US are going through Ireland.

The report explains that Saudi Arabia's bombing campaign in Yemen began in March 2015 after Houthi rebels deposed the U.S.- and Saudi-backed dictator, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. Since the war began, Saudi Arabia has intentionally targeted numerous homes, factories, markets, schools, and hospitals.

It says:

"The U.S. has supplied Saudi Arabia with more than $20 billion worth of weapons during its Yemen campaign, including thousands of MK-82 bombs. In November, the State Department approved the sale of 8,020 new MK-82 bombs as part of a $1.29 billion transfer of more air-to-ground weapons.
Throughout his presidency, President Obama has sold more than $115 billion worth of weapons to the Saudis."

In addition the US is supplying most of the mid air refuelling planes for the Saudi airforce that is bombing Yemen. In June this year a Shannonwatch member photographed several US mid air refuelling planes passing through Shannon. The Irish Government denied that these aircraft were involved in US or NATO exercises, so they may well have been in the process of being delivered to refuel the Saudi war planes that are bombing Yemen.

Ireland may well be assisting the US and Saudi Arabia to kill thousands of innocent people in Yemen. We'd like to believe this is not the case but our government is not doing a good job convincing us.

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