Protesting Mass Murder at Shannon

At Shannon Airport yesterday 10 people braved the weather at the monthly Shannonwatch peace vigil. There were two US warplanes at the airport, a US Navy C40 number 16-5833 and a Hercules C130 number RU 16-4598. Our usual force of Gardaí failed to show up initially. So instead of our usual location at the roundabout we decided to walk up towards the airport passed the unmanned police barriers and past the sole airport security officer at the road checkpoint.

Eventually the forces of the state were deployed against us, albeit in a relatively friendly manner. The Gardaí were formally asked to search and investigate the two US military aircraft that were clearly visible to all concerned. A Garda Sergeant took details of the aircraft, and undertook to discuss the matter with his superiors.

Long time peace activist Margaretta D'Arcy was not satisfied with this, as based on past experiences we all know that the Gardaí would not carry out any search and investigation on these aircraft. The 82 year old veteran of the Greenham Common anti nuclear weapons protests in the UK moved on to the roadway and lay down in the centre of the road. She was carefully removed twice from the roadway, and traffic to and from the airport was disrupted for some time.

While any inconvenience to the public due to such protests is a cause for concern, it must be pointed out that such protests are fully justified as these two warplanes and hundreds of other US warplanes being refueled at Shannon Airport each year have been "inconveniencing" innocent civilians in the Middle East by delivering armed US troops and munitions resulting the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians, especially children since 2001, The members of the Irish public who were inconvenienced today, and all Irish citizens have been made complicit in these unjustified Middle East killings by our Irish Government allowing the US military to use Shannon Airport to wage unjustified wars in the Middle East.

US military use of Shannon airport must be stopped. Killing innocent people is murder, and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people is mass murder. 

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