Omni Air N846AX on Military Operations at Shannon

This aircraft Omni Air International Boeing 777 (registration N846AX) was refueled at Shannon Airport on November 21st.

Here are some of the places its been to in recent times.

  • Nov 10th: OSAN Air Force Base Korea to Lawton Air Base OK USA, 
  • Nov 11th and 12th: two flights between Ramstein Air Base in Germany and Incirlik Air Base in Turkey (near Syrian border)
  • Nov 13th: Kuwait, Ramstein to Incirlik to Ramstein, to Balrimore USA.
  • Nov 15th: Colorado Springs USA, to Shannon
  • Nov 17th and 18th: Baltimore USA, Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar (largest US air base in Middle East), to Kuwait, to Shannon and back to Al Udeid in Qatar, 
  • Nov 19th: Biggs Air Base USA to Shannon to Kuwait, 
  • Nov 21st:  Kuwait to Al Dhafra Air Base in United Arab Emirates, to Shannon and on to Bangor Maine USA.

This aircraft is clearly engaged in military operations. And pretending that its presence at Shannon is not in breach of the Hague Convention is a lie.

We also notice that Shannon Airport now claims to be a no drone zone. But nobody checks to see if combat drones are being transported through the airport on their way to kill civilians or  carry out targeted executions without due process of law.

The only Garda investigation carried out at Shannon airport today was a Garda patrol car investigating and following the person taking these photographs. 

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