A Lingering Stench at Shannon

On 24th of May last year when peace actrivists Dave Donnellan and Colm Roddy went in to search a small US military executive jet, they also discovered that another far more suspicious aircraft was at Shannon that morning, and in fact took off on the main runway, just after Colm and Dave had crossed that runway.

Here is what a Shannonwatch researcher discovered about this aircraft

"The C-32B is a modified Boeing 757 and it features a standard seating fitment, as with a typical passenger jet. Any cargo must be stowed at the rear of the cabin as the usual cargo space in the hold has been configured to accommodate enlarged fuel tanks, extending the aircraft's unrefuelled max range to 6000 nautical miles.

The 486th Flight Test Squadron operates two Boeing C-32B and Boeing 757-23A aircraft on stand-by alert for special operations and intelligence missions world-wide. One of these, 02-4452, was at Shannon on the morning of March 25th.

So what was it doing there?

As if that wasn't enough, 02-4452 is equipped for satellite communications, and mid-air refuelling inlets fitted on top of the fuselage (the small bump on the roof about 20ft behind the cockpit is part of the refuelling system; the larger bump about 20ft in front of the tail is the satellite communications antenna).

According to some reports it has done work for the FBI and the CIA, even turning up on occasions in countries where they operated torture black sites. It has been spotted in a plain white paint scheme, with minimal markings, and appears to have changed serial numbers many times - presumably in an attempt to keep a low profile. Some of its previous numbers include N84WA, N757AV, N312SF, N512AT and N59AW."

We were reminded of this today as we read an article in today's New York Times entitles the lingering stench of torture.

There is also a linkering stench at Shannon.

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