Ireland's 2011 Census Being Managed by Abu Ghraib Interrogation Company

The 2011 Irish census website set up by the Central Statistics Office says 

When you fill in your census form on Sunday April 10th, you’re giving us the information we need now to understand what Ireland needs for the future.

What they do not say is that you are also giving your information to a company accused of committing torture, war crimes and civil conspiracy. CACI, the "IT Solutions specialist" was awarded a £5.8 million contract to process the next Irish Census is also a provider of intelligence-gathering services for the U.S. government. But even more troubling is the fact that it is a military contract company that became notorious for human rights abuses committed at Abu Ghraib and other prisons in Iraq.  

The contract was awarded by the Central Statistics Office in Ireland (CSO) for census printing and data capture services (see IT Solutions specialist CACI has won a £5.8 million contract to process the next Irish Census)

In 2007 hundreds of innocent torture victims filed a complaint against CACI in a U.S. federal court. The complaint alleged that they were threatened with rape and harm to their family members, stripped naked, kept naked in their cells, chained and handcuffed to the bars of their cells, subjected to electric shock, subjected to extreme heat and cold, attacked by unmuzzled dogs, subjected to serious pain inflicted on sensitive body parts, kicked, beaten and more. (See

The case which was also brought against another company, Titan Corporation (now L-3 Services), charges CACI with torture and other heinous and illegal acts committed against Iraqi detainees while their contractors were providing interrogation and translation services at detention facilities in Iraq, including Abu Ghraib. At the moment the case is awaiting the filing of a brief expressing the views of the United States. (see

L-3 are no strangers to Ireland either. Two of their planes, N475LC and N478GS are regular visitors to Shannon Airport. The company is, according to its own website,  the sixth largest defense company in the United States, and is "a leader and prime defense contractor in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), secure communications, government services, training and simulation and aircraft modernization and maintenance".

Meanwhile another US federal lawsuit, Al Shimari  v. CACI has also been brought by four Iraqi torture victims against CACI International Inc. and CACI Premier Technology Inc.  It asserts that CACI  participated directly and through a conspiracy in torture and other illegal conduct while it was providing interrogation services at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. (see According to the Washington Post in March 2009 this lawsuit

alleges that the CACI employees participated in physical and mental abuse of the detainees, destroyed documents, videos and other evidence and prevented the reporting of the torture to the International Committee of the Red Cross and other agencies.

This is not the type of company that should be gathering census data in Ireland - or anywhere for that matter.

Serious questions need to be asked about why CACI was awarded the census contract in Ireland. As the Central Statistics Office is an independent Office under the aegis of the Taoiseach, Shannonwatch calls on Enda Kenny to immediately review and revoke the census contract. With such serious allegations pending against the company it is hugely inappropriate and insulting to the victims of torture in Iraq to have them profit from government business in Ireland.

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