Ireland Continues to Turn a Blind Eye to Crime

Civilian passenger numbers are still falling at Shannon Airport which is now downgraded to Ireland's third airport after Dublin and Cork. Yet, there were four US troop carrying aircraft at Shannon yesterday (Sept 15th) at 9.30am, and several more since. They were carrying hundreds of foreign armed troops to and from a war zone in Afghanistan.

A member of Shannonwatch who was in the airport lounge at the time spoke with some of the troops. They were young men and women in desert camouflage uniform, on their way to Afghanistan.  From talking to some of them it seems many had been there before. But when asked if they thought their presence there was doing any good, most just shrugged their shoulders and said 'its a job'.

There seemed to be little knowledge or concern amongst the few civilian users of the airport that Ireland is breaching international law by claiming to be a neutral state, yet allowing and profiting from the transit of US troops through Shannon. It is just a few days after the commemoration ceremonies for the 3,000 people killed in the USA on 9/11, when our Irish president said "we stand shoulder to shoulder with the United States". She made no mention then, or on any other occasion that we know of, about the hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, as if 3,000 US citizens are so much more important than all those killed and maimed in the wars of revenge and wars of resources waged by the United States.

The aircraft at Shannon on Thursday morning were all Omni Air International chartered flights carrying US troops. Two were old DC 10 aircraft and the other two were Boeing 767.  Ireland has given up much of its economic sovereignty to Europe and IMF, and we have abandoned our military and foreign policy sovereignty to the United States and NATO.

There is evidence that US soldiers have murdered civilians and committed other war crimes in Afghanistan. Its long past time for Ireland to stop turning a blind eye to this.

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