Ibrahim Halawa Gets a Mention in Ennis Court

A brief report on todays events at Ennis District Court involving the Shannon 4, Dave, Colm, Dan and Edward from our court correspondent. For background see Shannon Four to Appear in Ennis Court on Monday Sept 25th.

Dave and Dan were represented by Shane O'Callaghan Solicitor and sought and got approval for Free Legal Aid for both. Colm and Edward were representing themselves assisted by Mckensie Friend Sean. Dave and Colm's case came up first and their solicitor Shane applied on their behalf to have their trial transferred to the Dublin, so as to ensure the likelihood of a fair jury trial, which could not be guaranteed in Co Clare due to bias over Shannon Airport issues. The Judge ruled that this issue could be brought forward at the next hearing which will be on 31 October 2017.

When Dan and Edward's case came up Shane made the same application on Dan's behalf and got the same response. Edward also made this application and the Judge ruled likewise. Edward then made a separate application to have his bail conditions removed or modified on the basis that they contravened Section 40 of Bunreacht na hEireann and amounted to a form of punishment without trial. He included some to the arguments outlined below in the previous posting. This application was opposed by the prosecution and led to an interesting discussion between the Judge, Edward, and the prosecution. The Judge eventually ruled that he would not agree to Edward's request to relax the bail conditions, and at one stage cited the comparison between Ireland very lenient bail conditions compared with the very stringent conditions imposed on others in other jurisdictions for example, a person being imprisoned for four years while awaiting trial. This was a clear reference to the Ibrahim Halawa case in Egypt.

At this point Edward interrupted Judge Keyes and said that this reference to the Ibrahim Halawa and the Egyptian dictatorship was wholly inappropriate In this case. Nevertheless the application to relax the bail conditions was rejected. Edward then said that he would not be in Ireland on 31st October and Judge Keyes agreed that he could make his application to have his case transferred to Dublin in writing to the Prosecution in the meantime, and this would be considered on 31st October, but that Edward would be excused from being present in Court on that day.

Things rested so, as they say.

Lets hope Ibrahim Halawa gets back safely to Ireland very soon.

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