Gardai Protecting Warplanes

As today's peace vigil took place at Shannon there were two US warplanes at the airport. One was a Hercules C130J mid air refueling plane, and the other one a small US army Beechcraft turboprop number 00258.


In spite of dreadful weather (wind and rain) we had over a dozen protesters at the vigil, and if we counted the yellow vested Gardaí also in attendance the turnout went up to at least 30. The Gardaí were requested to search and investigate the two US military warplanes that were located in the centre of the airport being guarded by a Garda patrol car and an Irish army patrol also. A Garda Sergeant took details of these two aircraft and said he would pass the request to have them searched on to his Superintendent. When it was explained to him that these aircraft and their crews and passengers were possibly involved in crimes of making wars of aggression, and that it was his duty to investigate and prevent such crimes, he simply repeated his response that the matter would be passed on to his Superintendent. His colleague stated that these two aircraft would not be searched today but gave no reason as to why they would not be searched and investigated. 

Sincere thanks to the dozen peace activists who attended this monthly peace vigil. We'll keep doing these until we see some positive action from the authorities.

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