The Crippling Effects of Plutonium Poisoning - It could Happen in Ireland

Some people may wonder why we have been focusing on the unusual number of US military mid air refuelling planes landing and taking off at Shannon Airport over the past two weeks. These planes or the planes they are refuelling never crash do they?? Well actually they do. A report in today's New York Times focuses on former US soldiers who are now suffering from cancers after being used to clean up radioactive contaminated materials after two separate accidents involving US B52 bombers carrying nuclear bombs, one in Spain and the other in Greenland. Of course we are told that the US military planes landing at Shannon and overflying through Irish airspace never carry nuclear weapons, and never even carry weapons or munitiions of any sort, and are not on military operations or military exercises!! But this is almost certainly not true. In fact we have no way of knowing what Stealth military aircraft travelling at up to 50,000 feet above Ireland are carrying, and no way even of knowing what the US military aircraft landing at Shannon are carrying because no searches them, except perhaps the likes of Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, or Dave Donnelan and Colm Roddy, who were arrested trying to search some of these warplanes.

Here are some extracts from todays New York Times report. Hundreds of US soldiers were sent to clean up the contaminated sites in Spain and Greenland after the nuclear bombs the planes were carrying fell to the ground. While no nuclear explosions occurred, some of the bombs did undergo conventional type explosions that scattered plotonium over wide areas.

"It was a late winter night in 1966 and a fully loaded B-52 bomber on a Cold War nuclear patrol had collided with a refueling jet high over the Spanish coast, freeing four hydrogen bombs that went tumbling toward a farming village called Palomares (in Spain). Many men say they are suffering with the crippling effects of plutonium poisoning. Of 40 veterans who helped with the cleanup who The New York Times identified, 21 had cancer. Nine had died from it."

"The Air Force also denies any harm was done to 500 other veterans who cleaned up a nearly identical crash in Thule, Greenland, in 1968. Those veterans tried to sue the Defense Department in 1995, but the case was dismissed because federal law shields the military from negligence claims by troops. All of the named plaintiffs have since died of cancer."

So this could never happen at Shannon or over Irish airspace, with nuclear bombs falling in remote places like Connemara or the Wicklow mountains or even on Irish towns???

You bet your life it could.

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