CIA and US Military Still Committing War Crimes and Torture With Shannon Airport's Support

A recent New York Times report entitled 'C.I.A.'s Afghan Forces Leave a Trail of Abuse and Anger' indicates that the CIA and US military have not ended their involvement in war crimes and torture in Afghanistan.

Shannon Airport is still being used on a daily basis to facilitate these war crimes, not just in Afghanistan, but also in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Guantanamo and elsewhere.


Omni Air US troop carrier N207AX is a regular visitor to Shannon. It was recently in Guantanamo and its recent movements includeDallas Fort Wort, Guantanamo, Minot AF Base North Dakota, Guam Air Base in the North Pacific, as well as Shannon. Omni Air N828AX was refueled this morning at Shannon on its way to Kuwait, It has been at Shannon three times recently and has also been at Pope AF Base, Campbell and Hunter Army Airfield in USA. It has also made several visits to Ramstein US airbase in Germany and Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. Miami Air N748MA on contract to the US military has been in Shannon twice in the past few days on 4 and 5 Jan, and also in Kuwait, Faithville N Carolina, Biggs AFB. 

We in Ireland therefore continue to be complicit in US war crimes.

Omni N207AX was at Guantanamo on 3 Jan. This satellite view of Guantanamo shows the US Navy air base on the left and the Guantanamo prison and torture centre on the right.

Up to 40 prisoners are still being held in Guantanamo. This in itself is a gross breach of international law.

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