Another Busy Morning on US Airbase Shannon

This photo was taken just after 7am on Sunday 5th August at Shannon. It shows two US Air Force planes parked near the terminal building, with what looks like a Garda or Airport Police vehicle in close attendance beside one of them.

While US troop numbers going through Shannon are down, the US Air Force and Navy continue to take their aircraft through the airport with little regard for the safety of the local population. Equally they show little regard for the neutrality and the years of peacekeeping effort that Ireland was once renowned for.

The sight of uniformed foreign troops getting on and off Omni Air International aircraft at Shannon is not as frequent as it was some months ago. For the moment at least the US military are using other routes to get to and from their disasterous and destructive wars. But the Irish government deserves no credit for this. By allowing aircraft like those shown above to continue to use Shannon they are still failing to uphold Irish neutrality, to respect international law or to show any concern for the millions of people suffering as a result of the US occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Shannonwatch's ongoing demonstrations against the US military use of the airport will continue, with the next gathering on Sunday 12th August at 2pm.

Full statistics relating to US military use of Shannon will be published on this website in the coming weeks.

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