Another Busy Night for Warplanes at Shannon

Last night (Jan 24th) was a busy night for warplanes at Shannon Airport. At 6pm a Shannonwatch member photographed a Miami Air aircraft that may have been trying to disguise its presence at there, or at least disguise the fact that it is on contract to the US military.

The aircraft number was N739MA. It took off from Pease Air Force Base in the USA and landed at Shannon on Monday at 08:42 using a civilian call sign BSK171. It took off from Shannon again at 10:05 then flew on towards Europe and landed at Chania airport in Crete, this time using a US military call sign and then headed for Muwaffaq Salti Airbase, near Al Azraq, Jordan.

That base is currently involved in launching bombing raids in Syria.

The plane landed at Muwaffaq as flight CMB528 about 06:40 (Irish Time) Tuesday morning, and departed again 2 hours later, It then flew back across Europe, making a refueling stop again at Chania in Crete and flew on and landed at Shannon this time using its US military call sign at 5:15pm (Tuesday). It took off from Shannon after refueling about an hour later now using its civilian call sigh, and headed across the Atlantic towards the USA.

Close to midnight when Shannonwatch found out that there were more US military aircraft at Shannon airport, two members went back to Shannon, and found another suspicious aircraft. This time it was civilian looking Boeing 737, reg. N737AT, registered as being owned by the US Department of Defence so it was probably a military aircraft, in disguise. We now wonder did this aircraft have permission from the Irish Government to land and refuel at Shannon, and whether it had permission or not, who and what was being transported on this aircraft. We believe it may be based at Langley Air Force Base in the USA, which also has associations with the CIA.

Also at Shannon on the night of 24th were two other aircraft that are very clearly US military. They were bothj Hercules C130 aircraft..

See the photos below of these aircraft at the airport.

Over the next few days our Irish Government are likely to say that each of these aircraft were unarmed, not carrying weapons, ammunition or munitions, and were not on military operations or military exercises. All this in spite of the fact that no US military aircraft ever leaves the USA unless it is on a military operation.

This is all in clear breach of Irish neutrality, and in breach of international laws on neutrality, but more importantly, some or all of these aircraft may be delivering weapons and bombs that will kill very many people in the Middle East.

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